arrow Once you become a Corporate Combat® Member you will be provided a Username and Password to gain access to your own Member site. The Internet address you will use to access your site will be

arrow The first page you will see after logging in will be your “Home” page. From here you will be able to access all the features and benefits included in your membership. These include ordering real-time Background Checks at a discounted member rate, Hotline reports, a vast online database for consulting and training and much more. The Home page provides shortcuts to view your background checks, take notes, and review randomly displayed tips and quotes. There is also a special feature called “Top 10 Q & A” (Top 10). The Top 10 is a listing of the 10 database areas you most recently visited. This allows you to leave the site and when you return you click on the Top 10 and “refresh your memory” or get your thoughts “back on track.” The menu on the left provides access to numerous additional features and benefits.

arrow Let’s start with the Home button. Under the Home button you will have access to your Hotline services. The first hotline service, known as Frontline™, is a unique Employee Hotline reporting service. F.A.C.E.S. (Frontline Anonymous Customer Evaluation Survey) is a Hotline service used by Customers to report their experiences—both good and bad.

arrow The next button on the menu reveals several areas that deal with understanding and legally conducting real-time Background Checks. Most members will use the “Perform A Search” feature. Selecting this feature is the first step in ordering your discounted Background Checks.
The majority of searches are “Employment.” This search includes checking the applicant’s history in the following areas:
Criminal: This search consists of an on-site manual search of the superior, upper, lower, and/or municipal court records, in compliance with legally available research procedures, in each county court jurisdiction nationwide. Our network of professional court researchers covers all 3,200+ county court jurisdictions across the country, and will indicate if a subject has a felony or misdemeanor filing within the last seven years, or longer if the record includes a legally reportable conviction. Completed Reports consist of all available and legally reportable information, typically including date of arrest, date of filing, charges, level of the charges, disposition date and final disposition of the charges and any applicable sentence or penalty. County level searches are done by actual physical visits to the appropriate court repository by experienced, trained Retrieval Specialists
Credit: Many employers believe running an employment credit check is an absolute must if the applicant under consideration will be handling money, be disbursing money or equipment, or be placed in a position of financial trust, sighting a possible correlation between high debt and, for instance, the possibility of embezzlement. Credit history may reveal several qualities of an applicant's financial status, such as debt load and potential debt load. The employment credit report can identify the possibility of financial problems that may adversely affect an applicant's performance on the job. An employment credit report provides an easy-to-read insight into an applicant's financial responsibility as well as listing any aliases, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, credit cards, loans, mortgages, collections and summaries of the individual's payment patterns. Reports may also contain previous employers and addresses.
Driving: This is an important search for applicants who are required to operate their vehicle for business purposes and/or driving a company vehicle. Many employers hire a person who then subsequently drives for the company (e.g. merchandise transfer or a bank deposit) and for one reason or another gets into an accident. Unfortunately there are some employees whose record would have revealed a history of speeding, a DUI, or careless driving. Some have suspended or canceled licenses. Employers need to know this before, not after, they hire the person. In the case of an accident, it will likely be found in a court of law that the employer was negligent since they should have been aware of the employee’s driving history before allowing them to drive for company purposes.
Civil: Civil history records provide information about claims, suits and judgments filed by individuals or corporations against other private parties or corporations. Examples of findings include divorce, product liability suits, and violation of civil rights, judgments, nonpayment of goods and other similar cases.
Address Verification: This process determines the addresses as well as aliases of the potential applicant. With this data in hand, you will know exactly what court repositories to search which in turn saves you time and money.
National SweepAlert™: This is a special PRE-background check that is a "blended" record check that Corporate Combat® has assembled to gather the most information as possible in the shortest amount of time. This report is not to be used as a pre-employment report, but a PRE-SCREENING REPORT or "FILTER" that provides insight and additional information to help you expedite the hiring process. As the name suggests, you are "sweeping" millions of records that might reveal something you need to know right now! For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can re-run the employee monthly, quarterly or annually to find out if he or she has been convicted of a crime that you were not aware of. CCI SweepAlert™ checks all 50 states for criminal records, including some traffic records. All 50 sex offender registries are checked as well as inmate and arrest records (felonies and misdemeanors). Key point: CCI SweepAlert™ is also used as a post-employment proactive background check that can offer early detection to problematic employees who can—and do—commit criminal acts AFTER THEY ARE EMPLOYED. The CCI SweepAlert™ is a check you would make prior to conducting a full Employment Background Check (as described above) in the case that something negative (i.e., a criminal history) appears where a conviction was determined and you can now potentially eliminate the candidate from the front-runners and focus on the others. You will save time and money by not having to delve into the past of a candidate you are likely to pass over now that you are armed with this revelation of their criminal history.
Social Security Number Verification: We are able to authenticate that the Social Security Number provided by your applicant is associated with an individual of the same name. The SSNV is a crucial component of criminal history research as the address history is the roadmap used to select court jurisdictions that should be researched for criminal records. Additionally, the SSNV will provide any alias names that have been associated with that SSN.
Other searches are available which include Sex Offender, Federal Criminal, Federal Civil and foreign searches in countries such as Mexico, Canada, Russia, Spain and many others.

arrow V.I.C. is your Virtual Investigative Consultant. V.I.C. is a vast library of questions and answers that deal with numerous topics that include the following:
Behavior/Body Language
Loss Prevention Policy
Courtroom Tactics
Theme Development
Search V.I.C. (V.I.C. is searchable. Just type in a keyword and see if V.I.C. has the answer you are looking for!)
V.I.C. provides answers to questions in a very logical and user-friendly manner. You select a topic from the menu (as displayed above) then when that topic appears you will see a number of pertinent questions displayed. You select the question of interest and the answer will appear along with supplemental information such as forms or news articles if appropriate. It’s all very simple. By the way, the most recent 10 selections you make are recorded on your Home page under “Your Top 10 Q & A” to allow you to get back on track when you return to the site.

arrow Active, Closed, and Special cases are a record of your experience-GOOD and BAD. These cases involve fraud and theft and the majority will be internal fraud and theft. You may periodically record an external case involving a shoplifter or vendor. The Active cases consist of those employees/suspects you are currently investigating and have not yet confronted, interviewed, or terminated. Closed cases are those that you have archived and no longer need to spend time dealing with. They have gone through the "system" so to speak (i.e., detected, investigated, confronted, interrogated, terminated, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced.) Special cases are those closed cases that, for some reason, offer a "unique" insight that would be very useful or important for the success of future cases.

A Special case would be one where something peculiar happened and you learned something unique or "special" as a result of how the elements of the case were handled. You may have interrogated a suspect who said or did something that was totally unexpected or different from anything you have experienced before. Also, you may have discovered that what this suspect did was a recurring behavioral response that has been exhibited by other suspects, but until now has gone unnoticed. This new "revelation" has suddenly "jumped out at you." This common thread, along with other common threads, can now be used to "sew together" and support your suspicions or intuitions during subsequent interviews.

arrow The News area contains articles and information that provides additional insight into a variety of problems that are common to most businesses. Read about how other companies are dealing with a host of issues that range from Discrimination to Workplace Violence.

arrow The Corporate Combat® Library contains basic forms that can be used as they are. Just insert your company information into the appropriate areas. They can also serve as templates to allow you to custom design your own forms. The Library contains actual confessions from employee thieves, various laws and acts, and other materials that may help you operate you business in a way that will keep you profitable and out of the courtroom.

arrow This is a Member Control Area. Here you can add a new location as part of the Hotline program. You can also edit a location if something has changed or delete a location if that location has been closed or sold. You don’t have to submit a change ticket or anything to us—you have control over the Hotline setup! This can save valuable time and offer you more accuracy over the data entry of the codes you develop for your store locations.

arrow Just as the feature indicates, you have control over your Member information.

This has been a quick screenshot tour of the member’s site. Please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-825-5572 if you have any questions about the benefits or features provided to our members.

One of our four membership levels is very likely perfect for your style and size of business. Corporate Combat® allows you to select which program you feel is most appropriate for where your company today and where you project it to be within a year. If you are a smaller, startup company, with a slower growth projection, you may find the FIRST CALL or BASIC program to be a perfect fit. If you are mid-size to large, you may find the PREMIUM to ULTIMATE the right choice.

Keep in mind other elements that may influence the type of program most suitable to your business. These could be such things as a faster than expected growth that requires you to have a more thorough program. The type of business may also be a key factor in your selection. For example, you may sell highly desired items such as small electronics, or other such items that are commonly stolen and resold on the streets or EBAY. A quick phone consultation with one of our loss prevention experts will help you determine what program is right for you.

Corporate Combat® is a member influenced program and therefore it is in our best interest to help you find the right membership level. If you have 10 employees you would not need the Ultimate program when the First Call may be exactly what you need.








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