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Corporate Combat® has helped businesses of all types and sizes resolve issues ranging from complicated fraud to simple theft. Our clients have learned the value of background checks, pre-employment screening, employee theft hotline services as well as hotlines for customer service. They also welcome the timeliness of loss prevention training and security consulting. Please read the following testimonials from some of the Corporate Combat® members who have been helped by our loss prevention products and services.

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bullet "I have worked with Bill Urban from Corporate Combat® on a number of projects over the past 10 years. Each case involved extremely sensitive matters ranging from employee fraud to employment legal matters. In each and every case, Mr. Urban's performance was exceptional and resulted in an optimal outcome. Everybody he worked with in operations, finance and HR came away extremely impressed with the results. In one case, Mr. Urban's investigation resulted in a large financial recovery of over $335,000 from the insurance company. I will call Bill in the future should the need arise, and would recommend him to any business entity. Thanks again for all the outstanding work…. I will always know who to call in cases that need professional attention!!!! "

VP of Human Resources - National Food Manufacturing Company

bullet "Bill Urban with Corporate Combat was a godsend to us! When my GM and I realized we had a thief, he helped us gather evidence and coached us throughout the entire process. He spent hours teaching us how to interrogate her to get a full confession. Most of these hours spent with us was while he was on vacation! He also made himself available while we were going through the interrogation so he could support us while it was happening. (Also, while he was on vacation.)

Not only did she confess to what we already knew she did, but so much more! It had been going on for months longer than we even realized. She wrote a full two-page confession! Shortly thereafter, the police came and picked her up! In total she confessed to stealing $26,000.00! Without Bill's help we would have thought it was around $2,000.00. I would have never believed it! Becoming a member of Corporate Combat was one of the best things I have ever done for my company!"

Annie Beale - Owner, Coastal Clips - Virginia Beach, VA

bullet "Corporate Combat® was a tremendous resource during our recent manager theft incident. Bill Urban spent many hours coaching us while we gathered evidence and conducted our fact-finding interview. Bill's advice and guidance proved invaluable in helping us obtain a handwritten confession. If you are a Great Clips franchisee, you can't afford NOT to have Corporate Combat® on your team.".

Patti Robertson, Franchisee & Ed Old, General Manager, Tidewater Clippers, LLC, Hampton Roads, VA

bullet "Bill Urban provided a first class, on-site, practical template to deal with in salon theft and interrogation. Bill took all the guesswork out of a process that is not fun for anyone. With Bill's coaching I was able to get a 2-page written confession from an employee and now will see profits reappear to the bottom line. It is foolish not to be a member of Corporate Combat®." - Brian Stevens - Steven's Unlimited, Minneapolis

bullet "If you're like me, you own a business that exists on razor-thin margins. Using a company like Corporate Combat® simply wasn't an option...ANY additional expenses squeezed my already-tight bottom line. Now fast-forward to our situation: fabulous bartender... wonderful with customers... to help in any way she could. In the blink of an eye, though...well, you can guess the rest: $4,317 stolen in a matter of several months. Right out from under my nose. And we're not stupid... we've owned several multi-million dollar operations and certainly thought we had all our bases covered. So if you're as "smart" as I am; learn from my experience: Don't risk it. Corporate Combat's fees are nominal compared to what I lost in one single incident. Our membership with them is now as important as any other line item expense. And I sure as hell sleep better, too." - Cynthia Gerdes, CEO -Hell's Kitchen, Minneapolis

bullet "I am firmly convinced that without the strong case that Bill compiled and I presented to the Sheriff, this case would not have even been prosecuted. The initial comment from the Detective was "it will just be your word against his." Once Mr. Urban completed the 55 page investigation, the Detective noted: "you have done our job for us." - Dan Zebert, Great Clips Franchisee READ MORE!

bullet "I just wanted to share with any person interested in using Corporate Combat and the services they offer to "just do it." This has been one of the best investments we have made to our organization. The first week we installed our first video security system in our salon our sales jumped over $400.00 per week. Our efficiencies are up because we can monitor what is happening in the salon when we are not there. From someone propping open the front door in 80 degree weather with the air conditioning on to making sure the five step system is in force. We also watch the coupon redemption processes and have found theft. We also believe in the safety and security that it offers our staff and our business. Mike Bucy was wonderful to work with. They were professional on site and great with our teams at the salon level. Talking about service, there have been many times when we needed assistance when employees would accidently unplug something on the system and it would go down. Mike would either talk the salon through fixing it or go out to the salon and fix it himself. Since we saw such great results in our first salon we have continued on to install 5 more of our salons. We believe in it and believe that the investment pays for itself in about 6 months. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep a handle on the business. I am a hands on franchisee but I cannot be in 12 salons at once or every day. By using the cameras I can easily check on wait times, if the salons open or close on time, and on and on. Thanks to Mike and his team for all of your help. We look forward to the install of the next 6 salon systems." - Renae and Gary Newport - Franchisees, Great Clips for Hair

bullet "I have an accounting degree, law degree, and 7 years of Great Clips Franchisee experience. I found Corporate Combat® very helpful in walking me through the financial, legal and operational issues involved with my recent loss prevention decision. Corporate Combat® was knowledgeable, practical and always available with their advice. I would definitely recommend Corporate Combat® for guidance in any loss prevention issue." - John Slavens, Great Clips Franchisee

bullet "My experience Corporate Combat has been best described as a partnership. Mike and Bill have always been responsive and effective. The camera systems installed have proven to be a real benefit in terms of safety, security and convenience to my staff and management." - Kris Barcelow, Adlib (Great Clips)

bullet "When the police came to arrest the thief, they asked incredulously, "How did you ever get a signed confession?" The answer was “Corporate Combat®” - Columbus, Ohio
bullet "Corporate Combat® offers a systematic approach to resolving sensitive workplace issues such as theft. It is the right system, at the right time, at the right price." - St. Louis, Missouri
bullet "Some choices make sense. Choosing to become a member of Corporate Combat® makes a lot of sense!" - Vice President HR, Great Clips, Inc.
bullet "Corporate Combat® is the one program no manager or owner should do without."
- Liquor Warehouse
bullet "These courses provide clarity on critical legal issues. Their common sense approach prevents you from acting impulsively by forcing you to think of the consequences." - City of Robbinsdale
bullet "Corporate Combat® presented new ways to think in areas where we're not experts. Now, we are better organized and can provide more specific information on loss prevention to our restaurant managers." - North Central Food Systems
bullet "Corporate Combat® provides 20/20 foresight!" - Western International Trading Co.
bullet "Corporate Combat® has provided us with valuable insight and information relating to the changing needs of Human Resources Management. I highly recommend Corporate Combat®." - Burger King
bullet "A lot of topics. Well organized. Clear and informative. Corporate Combat® get 4 stars from me!" - Erickson's Diversified Corporation
bullet "We recently had a theft in one of our stores. Had I known then what I know now, I would have handled the situation much differently and undoubtedly received a more positive result."
- Hardee's
bullet "Insightful and thought-provoking. Corporate Combat® is well laid out and easy to reference. Corporate Combat® will open your eyes to an unbelievable aspect of your business." - Electric Fetus Music
bullet "With my risk management background, I immediately saw the benefits of proactive loss prevention. Corporate Combat® has helped me take our communication skills to a new level—now we listen with open eyes as well as ears!" - United Entertainment Corporation
bullet "December 04, 1998

To fellow Great Clips Franchisees,

Recently we discovered evidence that an employee was stealing from us. Rather than confront the employee we decided to use the services of Pan. Inc./Loss Prevention Specialists (Now Corporate Combat®.) We arranged for Bill Urban to conduct an interview with the employee. We were shocked at the confession he was able to attain. This employee admitted to stealing over $20,000 during a 5 year period. " Click HERE to read more- Dan Washburn, Springline Corporation
bullet "Corporate Combat® Founder William Urban has supported the Anoka County Juvenile Diversion program since 2006. His perspective on realities of getting caught shoplifting or stealing from a business is a pivotal presentation to the youth to help them to decide to make good choices and not steal.

The program that Bill supports with his time and talent is sponsored by the Boys Scouts of America; Northern Star Council and provides first-time juvenile offenders with a positive alternative to the court system. Teens are referred by local law enforcement officials to this three-month course which teaches proper decision-making skills, communication techniques and requires community service. Those who successfully complete the program and do not re-offend will maintain a clean record. Juvenile Diversion gives young people a second chance as it teaches them to take responsibility for their actions and to give back to a community that they have harmed or offended. - Tom Conneran, Diversion Program Director

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