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Exclusive & Limited Time Offer for PILOT Program

PLEASE READ! To qualify for this Special Offer, you must be employed as a Loss Prevention Investigator, a Loss Prevention Jobs, Security Camera System, Retail Loss Prevention, Business Security System, Pre Employment Screening, Loss Prevention Experts, Loss Prevention Trainer, Employee Hotline Services, Customer Hotline Services, Federal Civil Records, Loss Prevention Investigator, Loss Prevention Discussion, Termination StrategiesSecurity Officer or hold a position that involves loss prevention or security duties. You can also qualify if you were invited to take advantage of this offer by newsletter or email. This offer is limited to a selected number of registrants. Corporate Combat® reserves the right to increase the annual fee without notice. Those who are part of the PILOT GROUP may refer or invite up to two colleagues to be part of the PILOT GROUP, however all others will be subject to increased fees and program changes.

The P.I.L.O.T. Program is based on the following constructs:

Plan - To have a strategy; a method for achieving an end.
Improve - To enhance in value or quality; to make better.
Lead - To act as commander, director, or guide.
Organize - To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole.
Teach - To impart knowledge or skill to. To cause to learn by example or experience.

Here is what the PILOT GROUP Members will receive:

The Combat Journal™ is distributed two to three times a month.

Some of the topics include:

arrow Interrogation techniques
arrow Interviewing tactics
arrow Loss prevention discussion
arrow Shoplifting
arrow Hiring questions
arrow Termination techniques
arrow Courtroom transcript analysis (TIP: Click on image when window opens)
arrow Fraud investigations
arrow Theft investigations
arrow Analysis of actual handwritten confessions and more!
arrow Value: $45

One SweepAlert™ Background Check and State Civil Check that can be used as an investigation background check or as part of your preparation for an interrogation or integrity or information gathering interview.
Value: $28

One Decision-Making Seminute™ E-book is chock full of valuable and timely information. The only thing boring about this material may be its title! Value: $48

If you are renewing your PILOT Program, you will receive up to one full hour of consultation in lieu of the Decision-Making Ebook. This is a $125 value!

Q & A Intel Updates: Tips / Techniques in your email. You will receive periodic tips or techniques in your email to serve as reminders, refreshers or just good timely advice on issues that loss prevention people have to deal with during the course of their day-to-day activities. Value: $19

One Mentor Session (email or toll-free) or one Case Assistance Correspondence email or one 15 minute toll-free Phone Consultation. Our field experience is extensive (over 35 years experience: Full-time!) but we are smart enough to know that there are a lot of other experienced loss prevention experts who share their knowledge in a number of ways. Therefore, we research, study and peruse the insightful work of other successful investigators and course developers to glean those nuggets of wisdom that can often get buried in the course materials and articles. We then pass them on to you so you can apply them immediately. This can be done by phone or email as described above. Value: $35

arrow If you are a qualified or a referred or invited colleague, you are eligible to receive special discounts on any of the other professional services and products offered by Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. or Corporate Combat, Inc.
arrow As a Registrant, you will also receive special consideration if you decide you want to own and operate your own Corporate Combat Command Center™. This alone will result in significant savings in starting up your own business! Find out how we have made this a totally risk free business opportunity! Absolutely no cost to you!

Summary of PILOT Program:

arrow One year subscription to the Combat Journal™
arrow One SweepAlert™ Background Check and State Civil Check
arrow One Decision-Making Seminute™ E-book or one hour consultation
arrow Q & A Intel Updates: Tips / Techniques in your email
arrow One Mentor Session (email or toll-free) or
arrow One Case Assistance Correspondence email or
arrow One 15 minute toll-free Phone Consultation
arrow Bonuses worth up to an additional $80!

: $255
Your cost: $79
To register call 1-800-825-5572 or complete the form by clicking here





























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