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BlackWhole Solutions™ Software (BWS) State-of-the-art Case Management and Case Solution software. User access control. Create and monitor your own hotline service. K.I.S.S. Keyword Intelligence Solution System! Eliminate attorney retainers and high consulting fees! Ask about our Incredible Business Opportunity! So much more!
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Video Monitoring and Evidence Analysis!
Expert-level Security Consulting that will Prevent employee fraud and theft
Implement a highly effective "Early Warning System" for your business by this time tomorrow that will detect a variety of business issues before they become liability problems
Hire the Best & Avoid the Rest
Incorporate a state-of-the-art HOTLINE Service used by employees and customers to report real-time critical information
You are about to interrogate an employee suspected of fraud—make a FREE call to a real "live" expert in the area of interrogation to get some last minute valuable tips
Dramatically increase the quality of your company's customer service
Start a FREE "Mystery Shopping" service
Prepare a seminar for your staff on a variety of workplace issues such as proper firing policy and harassment issues by downloading our ready-to-use seminar booklets on these and other sensitive subjects
Receive expert-level loss prevention and security consulting and training that will have a positive effect on your company's bottom line

If you deter ONLY ONEjust ONE—employee from stealing, the entire Corporate Combat® program will have easily paid for itself! Given that an average of 30% of the workforce is engaged in internal theft and fraud, imagine the profits gained by deterring more than one thief!

If you are looking for a source to conduct employment background checks, free background checks, pre-employment screening, real-time diagnostic surveys, early warning surveys, employee hotlines, customer hotlines, security analysis, CCTV systems, loss prevention training or consulting, fraud investigations, employee theft investigations, informational interviewing, interrogations, shoplifter detection and apprehension training, surveillance, Human Resource matters as they relate to loss prevention policy and procedures, informative weekly loss prevention newsletters on fraud detection and theft awareness—and more—including a unique Loss Prevention Business Opportunity, then call us toll-free at 1-877-226-6228.

For companies or individuals in need of a private investigator in Minnesota or Minnesota mystery shoppers call toll-free 1-800-825-5572.

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Loss Prevention and Retail Security

Background checks (real-time)
Employee & Customer Hotlines (real-time)
Employee Theft Detection & Resolution
Security Consulting
Pre-employment Screening
Informational Interviewing
Interrogations (call for details)
Mystery Shopping (Minnesota Only!)
Electronic Mystery Shopping (Nationwide)
Private Investigations
Corporate Fraud Investigations
Loss Prevention Training & Consulting
CCTV Sales & Service
Special Business Opportunity!

Wake Up and Smell the Profits!™ is a unique workshop that is a list-topper for any business owner. This is a "sooner-rather-than-later" quadruple espresso event.

Here is what recent attendees had to say:

"This workshop gave us clear insight into the direction we need to go in loss prevention. No matter how much we think we know people, we learned that we really do NOT know what is happening in the employees' minds or what is the motivation to their behavior. It is frightening to learn what 'loyal employees' have done, and can do, to their employers." - Karen Thomas, Cutaway Hair Care (Cost Cutters)

"The 'Wake up and Smell the Profits' workshop is jam-packed with valuable, insightful, and downright scary information. Bill puts the microscope back on you, the owner, and demands that you to take a closer look at how much money is literally "walking out the door" instead of into your pockets!" BJ Stevens, Stevens Unlimited - Great Clips

"Bill was entertaining and had great information. Bill knows what he's doing, and can save you money!" Kristin Johnson, Business Services Coordinator - Great Clips, Inc.

"The 'Wake Up and Smell the Profits' workshop was very insightful and eye opening. I would highly recommend this workshop to any business owner." Carla Fryar, Rubols Inc. & CA Clips Inc.

"I wanted to thank you for the 'Wake Up and Smell the Profits' workshop. Shrinkage is a problem we all have to take seriously (especially in these economic times.) It is reassuring to have the service Corporate Combat provides as an arrow in our quiver to successfully and professionally help solve the problem of theft in our salons." Thanks again, Kris Barcelow - ADLIB, Inc.

"I am so glad I attended the 'Wake Up and Smell the Profits' workshop. I learned something that I was able to take back and implement right away. Some of the statistics shown were very much an eye-opener and made me look at things differently." Thank you! Erica Dahlin, Andover Lanes

Wake up... Call 1-800-825-5572 ...and Smell the Profits!


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