Loss Prevention Investigator, Loss Prevention Discussion, Termination Strategies, Advanced Behavior Analysis, Advanced Interrogation Techniques, Advanced Investigation Techniques, Employee Theft Detection, Private Investigations, Corporate Fraud Investigations, Loss Prevention Training, Loss Prevention ConsultingCorporate Combat® is the only service of its kind in a number of ways.

bullet Member fees never increase. They decrease! Call 1-800-825-5572 and find out how.
bullet Increasing membership influences increasing buying power which results in impressive discounts when purchasing background checks, investigative services, employee hotlines, security consulting, CCTV and more.
bullet Most importantly, all of CCI’s products and services are constantly under the critical eye of its members who consistently help to insure the quality and effectiveness of the program.

im_membership2Corporate Combat® is a unique proprietary blend of loss prevention products and services that have been field-tested and proven effective for over 35 years. It is not software or hardware. It is Humanware. It is a real-time—live—command center that allows business owners immediate access, by phone or Internet, to their own: Certified Fraud Examiner; Loss Prevention Trainer and Consultant and Human Resource Manager. This live access eliminates the frustrating delays that often undermine the resolution process. In other words, you have the answers now…not tomorrow when it may be too late!


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Frontline™ (Employee Hotline)


F.A.C.E.S.™ (Customer Hotline)


V.I.C.™ (Virtual Investigative Consultant)



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Unlimited Phone

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Employee Survey Predictor™
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Corporate Combat Benefits

Get quick, effective loss prevention solutions.
Corporate Combat's Virtual Investigative Consultant (V.I.C.) will assist you in resolving loss prevention issues in a quick and efficient manner.

Interpret body language & unmask deception.
Learn how and why people exhibit certain behaviors. Heighten your awareness and detect deception that is often associated with fraud.

Investigate fraud with pinpoint accuracy.
Develop strategies and avoid common mistakes such as overreaction, premature confrontation, insufficient evidence, invasion of privacy, and entrapment.

Respond to problems appropriately & legally.
When do you confront a suspected thief? How do you deal with the employee with an attitude problem? These, and hundreds of other sensitive issues, need to be handled by the book.

Conduct productive integrity interviews.
There are twelve critical elements that must be understood and applied in order to consistently conduct legal, successful, integrity interviews.

Reduce employee turnover.
Keep honest employees honest and rid yourself of those who poison the work environment with their poor attitudes and corrupt behavior.

Build an aware & honest workforce.
Hiring honest and reliable employees is what every business desires, but few practice due diligence in the selection process where these qualities are evaluated. Learn to hire the best and avoid the rest through proven "right-hire" techniques and pre-employment tools.

Avoid time-consuming pitfalls & barriers.
Apply the simulation techniques that the experts use. Experts are what they are because they practice before they apply. The application becomes their experience for tomorrow.

Engage in "out-of-the-box" thinking.
Corporate Combat® gives you targeted solutions to loss prevention problems while allowing you the freedom to adjust the resolution process to your own style. You'll learn to "think on your own" and come up with creative, appropriate, and legal solutions.

Develop legal & effective policies.
Do your employees really understand your company's policies and procedures? Are they outdated? Are they discriminatory? Are they illegal? Are they biased?

Apply sure-fire termination strategies.
When is the best time of day to terminate an employee? What is the best day? Where is the appropriate place to conduct the termination? How can you avoid wrongful discharge?

Learn about courtroom tactics & procedures.
Learn general tips regarding the tactics and techniques used by attorneys to "trip you up." You will also learn how to provide clear and convincing testimony.

Corporate Combat Features

Virtual Investigative Consultant:
V.I.C. provides targeted solutions for loss prevention issues.

Access to background checks:
Analyze the applicant and make informed hiring decisions. Up-to-date criminal background checks, public records, credit reports, driving records, employee hotline services, security consulting, online security seminars, investigations, private investigations and security analysis.

Where you get paid each day you visit your site! Credits can be applied toward Annual Membership renewal.

Case Profiling:
Prioritize, analyze, and keep track of current [fraud] cases.

Conforms to Personal Usage:
Corporate Combat® is in "harmony" with your style of business.

Personal Library:
Build your own Corporate Combat® reference library.

Virtual Pocket Field Book:
Your Corporate Combat® "top-secret" diary.

Fully Secured:
You receive state-of-the-art protection of vital data.

Confidential Password Access:
CPA and a Digital Certificate Identification for added security.

High Speed Access:
No bottlenecks! You get information when you need it.

Industry News & Tips:
Information to keep you alert and informed.



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