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ALERT! These EBooks are no longer available to the general public. They have recently been approved for training and are now only available to licensed Private Investigators and their respective agencies.

We have a number of E-Books for Loss Prevention Training and Security Consulting that are FREE or discounted for our members and clients. Our Security E-Books range from how to improve customer service to advanced interrogation techniques.

The Loss Prevention E-Books will include a variety of topics that include:

arrow Employee Theft
arrow Customer Service
arrow Shoplifting
arrow Safety
arrow Interviewing Techniques
arrow Hiring the Best!

Termination Strategies


FREE! Decision Making E-Book!
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arrow Fraud Investigations
arrow Investigation Techniques
arrow Loss Prevention Policy
arrow Body Language
arrow Advanced Behavior Analysis
arrow Courtroom Boot Camp
arrow Analysis of Handwritten Confessions
arrow Introduction to Interrogation
arrow Expert-Level Interrogation Techniques
arrow Advanced Investigation Techniques

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PLEASE NOTE! Due to the nature of the material, these EBooks are only available to authorized personnel. Therefore, we require you to follow a specific purchase process. First, determine which titles you are interested in and go to the EBook order page to complete the "Request More Information" form. A drop down menu will allow you to select one or more EBooks.


ALERT! NOT FOR SALE! These EBooks are no longer available to the general public. Their descriptions are displayed here for informational purposes. They have recently been approved for training and are now only available to licensed Private Investigators and their respective agencies. For more information please call 1-800-825-5572.

ebookim1   Analyzing Behavior--------------------------------------------------- $59.00

There is more to body language than meets the eye. Body language is like any other language. You may be fluent in Japanese, or Spanish, or even Greek--but can you interpret or speak global body language? Is that "itch" an itch, or a sign of deception? What are the body's "turn signals?" What are "clusters?" There is a way to understand the body's natural "sign" language.
CTCover   Courtroom Testimony--------------------------------------------------- $59.00

"See you in court!" are often heard these days in the offices of both large and small businesses. They are what you hear from terminated employees or those employees who feel they were treated in a discriminatory manner. Or, from poorly handled shoplifters. Be prepared and make your testimony count!
ebookim3   Customers: Who needs 'em! ------------------------------------------- $39.00

Do your employees know their "rights" and what their boundaries are when serving the lifeblood of their company? Your employees will learn the reason why that person called a "customer" is one of the most important people they will meet in their lives.
ebookim4   Employee Theft---------------------------------------------------------- $49.00

Employee Theft is a multi-billion dollar problem that is not going away! It is a fact that most business bankruptcies and closures are a result of internal fraud and theft. Your employees need to know the pitfalls of engaging in IT (Internal Theft) and fraud activity. This version lets them evaluate their risk vs. reward of such behavior.
ebookim5   Firing-------------------------------------------------------------------- $49.00

Before you fire, make sure you are able to defend your actions and behavior at any time and without warning. "Ready, Aim, Fire!"
ebookim6   Hiring-------------------------------------------------------------------- $49.00

Hiring employees with good character is what every business desires. Few practice due diligence in the hiring process where these qualities are evaluated. Hiring an honest, reliable, loyal employee is more than a "gut-feeling."
ebookim7   Integrity Interviewing-------------------------------------------------- $59.00

Recognize the truth vs. deception. Can body language really be "read?" Unmask deception and deal positively with manipulative behavior. Know when you're being conned!
ebookim8   Interrogation: The gentle art of interviewing-------------------------- $59.00

Learn how to conduct a legal interrogation that will yield positive results. Confrontation can be less daunting than you think when you train yourself properly. No one likes to confront, but if you have to why not do it legally and with confidence. Learn the basic components of an interrogation. Learn what it means to take an issue from the "general" to the "specific." Understand the "marriage question."
ebookim9   Investigations----------------------------------------------------------- $69.00

You have one shot at getting it right! If you don't know what you are doing in the area of investigating fraud and theft, then call a professional. One misstep and you will likely see yourself in court being grilled by the attorney for the person you once called your employee! Dishonest employees do have rights. Don't let them steal from you twice--once as an employee and again as someone who is taking advantage of your misstep during the investigation.
ebookim10   Is It Worth Your Career?----------------------------------------------- $49.00

Is it worth your career? That's what every employee must ask themselves when encountered with the temptation to steal or commit fraud.
ebookim11   Loss Prevention Policy-------------------------------------------------- $59.00

If loss prevention policy is not defined, your actions will be viewed as arbitrary by employees, as well as by the judge and jury! Communicate loss prevention in an understandable and accepted manner. Most Loss Prevention policies take up a "whole" paragraph, maybe two if it is "well written." LP policy is not to be taken lightly or secondary. Clearly understood and effectively administered LP policy is integral to the success of a company.
ebookim12   Outerviewing/Innerviewing-------------------------------------------- $59.00

Think of that next interview as an "Inner View" of the person you are talking to. You can often determine with great accuracy what is going on inside the interviewee by Outer Viewing the "body language" and Inner Viewing by listening to the selection of words being used by the interviewee to "express" themselves. Part of this is called "Monkey Behavior"-that is "MONitorKEY Behavior."
ebookim13   Peeling the Onion, Without Tearing the Skin--------------------------- $59.00

Most investigations are doomed for failure well before they start. Most investigations can be highly successful if certain steps are followed. Peel the onion with patience and confidence and you will get to the core of the problem without creating havoc in the process. This is beyond the basics. This is learning the importance of analyzing the evidence with patience and secrecy.
ebookim14   Potato Chips and Fraud-------------------------------------------------- $59.00

"Bet you can't eat just one?" Have you heard that commercial before about the challenge of not being able to eat just one potato chip? Well, the same "temptation" applies to the practice of fraud. In the thousands of investigations we have conducted we have yet to find a seasoned white-collar criminal, or novice employee thief who only stole just once. That so called "species" doesn't exist. Learn to investigate with pinpoint accuracy.
ebookim15   Shoplifting--------------------------------------------------------------- $49.00

Do your employees know how to deal with a shoplifter? Do they understand the dangers both physically and legally when confronting a suspected shoplifter? With shoplifting on the rise, this area of training cannot be overlooked!
ebookim16   Stop, Look, Listen!------------------------------------------------------ $49.00

Safety, harassment, workplace violence are all issues employees need to be aware of. Learn how to deal with and resolve these issues before it's too late. Remember, harassment is in the "eye of the beholder" according to the law!
ebookim17   True Confessions-------------------------------------------------------- $39.00

Examination of real, unedited, hand-written confessions will reveal more than any book on the subject can ever hope to do. Hear it straight from the "horse’s mouth" so to speak. Let the thieves tell you in their own words the who, what, when, where, why, and how of theft and fraud behaviors. Our sidebar notes will also add clarity and assistance to understanding the investigators and interrogators side of fraud.
Im9   Decision Making--------------------------------------------------------- $39.00

You may order the Decision Making E-Book separately or as part of our Special Offer (best deal!). As a security measure, all of our E-Books require a Username and Password. You may call us toll-free at 1-800-825-5572 if you have any questions about this offer.

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