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What is BlackWhole Solutions™? BWS is software that is designed to attract data from multiple users. This data pertains to a variety of business operation issues such as theft, fraud, shoplifting, harassment, investigation, interviewing, interrogation and a host of other workplace situations that may be too ethically and legally sensitive to resolve without outside assistance. BWS is beyond simple Case Management software—it adds Case Solution!

A black hole, in astronomy, is a celestial object of such extremely intense gravity that it attracts everything near it and in some instances prevents everything, including light, from escaping. BWS creates a form of "data attraction" and uses that data to formulate solutions that apply to a variety of businesses with a variety of problems. Like the celestial black hole, BWS exists to attract data. It then "sanitizes" this data and returns it to you, the BWS user, for you to use to resolve your work-related problems. We have discovered that although several businesses may be having what appears to be "different" problems, there is a common solution that each can apply to that problem. In other words, what has proven to work for one business will be an appropriate to perfect solution for another with a like or similar type situation. BWS attracts multiple streams of data by users of all types and sizes of businesses and returns a clean form of that data which has proven to work towards problem resolution. You, the BWS user, "shares" your data (stripped of all identifying information such as names, locations, etc.) with other BWS users and, in turn, other BWS users, shares their data with you.

BlackWhole™ Solutions is software combined with Humanware to obtain the best results possible in the smallest amount of time. You receive "reasonable" to "real-time" interaction with a live investigator. The majority of your communication must be done through email. The purpose is to capture the communication from all parties into a central hub or database, or what we like to refer to as the BlackWhole™.

How do I access or receive my data? You access your data via a Username and Password. Once you are inside the BlackWhole™, you select a Keyword that best describes your situation. That keyword generates up-to-date questions, comments, suggestions and answers that pertain to the solution to your problem. You then create a "case report" that contains the "path" you took to get to the solution so that you can return to that case when and if you are faced with a similar situation. This area is also Username and Password protected on a second-level so that you can "share" the first-level BWS software with others, but they cannot enter the second-level secure area that contains your case files.

Who or what is inside the BlackWhole™? Loss Prevention Experts, Certified Fraud Examiners, Seasoned Private Investigators and Consultants "reside" within the BlackWhole™ to respond to BWS users. These people have years of experience with just about every type of sensitive issue a business can experience. Our short list of problems that we have expertly attended to and resolved include simple to complex Corporate Fraud, Employee theft, Harassment, Shoplifting, Vendor theft, Workers' Compensation Fraud, Drug issues and so much more. We provide consultation and security examination for companies that represent more than 50 industries. We teach business owners and managers the Art of Corporate Combat™. For those not familiar with this "Art" it pertains to the study and interpretation of body language and beginning to advanced interrogation techniques among many other Loss Prevention constructs.

BWS software is a new delivery system of proven techniques, consultation and expert advice. Its resources have been used by thousands of businesses for nearly 40 years. BWS allows you to quickly and very effectively benefit from the mistakes and problems others have faced and fixed. It also allows others to learn from your mistakes. BWS users may be competitors in the business arena, but BWS believes in the adage that "we are all in this together" and can help one another be more profitable in a collective sense even while competing to be the best individually. Therefore, as a problem is being worked on for one user, that data is being formulated to upload into the BlackWhole™ database. This process allows "Business B," that is experiencing a similar problem to "Business A," to benefit from the advice and instructions that is provided to "Business A."

You can pay an attorney a lot of money and get marginally usable information or you could use BWS and, for a fraction of the cost, gain access to proven "use it now before it is too late" information. You won't be charged by the minute only to have the attorney to tell you to talk to a Loss Prevention Expert which has happened numerous times throughout the last several decades with our investigators. The business owner pays $200 to $300 to their attorney who then advises them to contact an investigator proficient in theft or fraud investigations. This is great, but costly, advice. And, it is an avoidable cost.

BWS gives you the ability to make the right decisions with a high degree of accuracy. BWS will help you make those decisions with sufficient speed and consistency. And, best of all, you can do this with confidence, accuracy and without the emotional interference that often accompanies such decisions.