Number of Interrogations: 0
Prior Interrogation Training: None
Interrogation 101 by Corporate CombatŪ: 3 hours
Interrogation Results: $26,000 Confession!

This case was brought to our attention when our office received a call for assistance by one of our Corporate CombatŪ Members. After a brief consultation, it was determined that the Salon Owner and her General Manager were capable and confident that they could handle the interrogation process with the proper ethical and legal guidance. After more than 3 hours of detailed instruction and consultation, the Owner and GM felt they were ready to confront the suspect and conduct the interrogation. They were told not to deviate from the instructions and, by the following results, it appears they were good students who listened to their instructor! The following confession was taken from an employee who was "trusted." Side note: Her father happened to be a police officer. The Salon Owner and GM would be the first to tell you that the results of this single consultation more than paid for their entire annual membership fee since they did not pay a dime for the assistance! It came free with their Corporate CombatŪ and BlackWhole SolutionsŪ Membership.